The First of Many

What does one write on their first blog post? If only this were my first. I’ve had several blogs prior to this one, but this one is different.

Let me tell you a little about myself.

I am Georgia-born and wild about it. I spent the first eighteen years of my life in a little south Georgia town with not a lot to do on the weekends besides bonfires in the backyard and either ride four-wheelers through the mud or play dress up. Having two brothers, I did a little bit of both.

Baby Beth

I began writing in middle school and developed a love for poetry in high school where I also found guitar playing boys to be attractive and art to be a relaxing outlet to my creativity. I decided, by the grace of God, to go to Berry College, a small liberal arts college far up in the hills of Georgia, tried and true. I didn’t visit the college until orientation, weeks before fall classes began. I fell in love. Each of my four years of school there marked distinct changes in my life as a southern girl, an artist and writer, and a child of God: loving me, loving God, loving the gifts He’s given me, and loving His people.

I graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and a minor in Art, though I sometimes wish it was the other way around. I enjoyed reading literature and knew I could conquer that, so I didn’t bother braving the scary nightmare forest of creative writing. I was also fearful of the risks associated with being an artist – the starving part got me every time. Thus, I played it safe – with the most comfortable option.

God had a plan anyway.

Senior year I fell in love with Graphic design around the same time I decided to spend my first year after college in eleven different countries meeting people, serving people, and experiencing cultures. This wasn’t your typical backpacking trip through Europe, but rather was filled with forced community, manual labor, and lots of unforgettable memories. Throughout the year, I was able to spend time working with non-profits and missionaries to improve their branding and social media marketing along with other exciting adventures like dancing with children, diving with sharks, climbing the Great Wall of China, evangelizing, and falling in love with Spanish all over again. These eleven months will go down in history as some of the most stretching, most miserable, most enjoyable, and most memorable months of my life. I wouldn’t trade them or the lessons they came with (or friendships) for anything.

As of August first, that’s where you find me – recently returned from a beach town in Costa Rica, final stop on a long journey – and back in that small town in south Georgia and full of big dreams. I’m learning that job shopping is more defeating than trying to find the perfectly fitting pants, but I’m confident in God’s greater vision and my place in it. Those tall buildings and Turner Field in Atlanta tug at my heart so often, along with the seven hills and three rivers of Rome. I’m not sure where I will end up, but rest assured that I will fill you in on all those adventures and more right here. I’m sure it will be tons of fun.