Rocks on a Shelf

This all started in Nelspruit, South Africa (our first debrief) during a worship session with the entire squad.

Well, really it started at birth when God implanted in my DNA a little piece that loves to read and write and draw and create.

But in South Africa I wrote a poem. In Zimbabwe I was encouraged by our contact, Felix (a poet), to begin writing again. I’d been reading a collection called Bucolics by Maurice Manning that was a gift from a dear literary soul prior to my departure in which this mysterious higher being was referred to as “Boss.” Different. Mind’s-eye-catching. Inspiring.

The poem I wrote was the beginning of a journey. Each month I saw something through different eyes and poems came like waves. It just happened to be in Nelspruit that two people, Ceena and Erin, pushed me, nervous and practically embarrassed, in front of the squad to read #1. It wasn’t a pleasant experience, but it was right.

From that point, the poems came like waves, full of lessons and light into my relationship with the One who makes things live and die and think.

At some point in Romania I joked with a friend about making a coffee table book out of the poems I’d written and photos I’d taken in each country. Well, guys, that joke is now a reality. A living joke, if you will, because it happened.

I started designing in Ukraine and finished in Nicaragua. The final poem was added two weeks ago and the book was sent to my editor before I left Costa Rica. Final changes have been approved and the book is now available for purchase.*

Please enjoy what God has taught me and shown me in the last 11 months!

Order here:

*The price, I know, seems cheap, but I promise I’m making nothing off your purchases. This ($30) is simply the cost of printing the book.

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