1. Inheriting eight differently colored highlighters from whoever previously held my position & occupied my desk at work. (An office supply geek’s DREAM)

2. Thank you notes.

3. Encouraging comments in passing at our round lunch table that remind me of good community.

4. Eating at a round table – family lunch. Cait would love it.

5. Cranberry pants, just like I’ve always wanted.

6. A blank Word document soon filled with memories.

7. Oatmeal. I can’t believe I purchased it in America, but I did and it makes my angry morning tummy so happy.

8. Shuffling iTunes – letting God pick the soundtrack of my morning.

9. Nehemiah studies.

10. Getting retweeted by the author.

11. “Gratitude changes everything” – Lara Casey

12. Laughter in the office.

13. Moving around a little bit.

14. Befriending the IT department (because I know their job and they help set mine up).

15. A God who has promises we can walk on like a sidewalk in an ocean. Solid ground amidst crashing waves. Peace.

thanksgiving precedes the miracle – Ann Voscamp