Magical Mondays

This post is filled with little nuggets of awesome discovered in weekend adventures & Monday mayhem.

  • Emily Ley has this phrase: “A Standard of Grace, Not Perfection” that keeps sticking with me. Y’all, that’s where it’s at – it’s not about perfection, it’s about grace: seeing people where they are, understanding, having compassion, and acting based on love rather than emotion. 
  • I’ve been traveling through Daniel with SheReadsTruth and they posted something fab this morning: Speaking Truth means Speaking Life. We can’t hide the truth simply because we think it might hurt or it might not be received well.
  • “His miracles are staggering, his wonders are surprising. His kingdom lasts, his sovereign rule goes on forever.” Daniel 4:3
  • Sometimes all you need on a Monday morning is a few almost-over-used worship songs with an acoustic guitar and the entire staff at your workplace in one room. Sometimes all you need is to see one hand raised to know you’ve got fellow lovers and believers and run-forward-followers right next to you pushing boundaries and stepping through one-way doors and marching for the glory of the Big One – the real Boss.
  • Scripture talks about not being afraid over 200 times. We will be afraid, we just don’t have to stay there.
  • Corporate prayer blows my mind. Prayer in general does; let’s be real. When certain events happen here, we, as a staff, spend the day in prayer while we’re working. I don’t know what’s happening or if my prayers are being answered, but knowing that 70 other people are within a fish’s flop from me and are all praying into the same thing makes my heart skip like a kid with a brand new balloon.
  • Hiking can be the most fun with good friends in old places, even if there are lots of spiders and the Georgia air makes you sweat like Central America. Get up, get out, and do it anyway.

    Morgan & I on John’s Mountain. Oh how I love this girl!

    John’s Mountain & Keown Falls adventures!

  • And this, because I can’t get enough of this album lately.