16. A job full of prayers (folks who pray).

17. Pumpkin things (that remind me of Leigha Caroland SO MUCH).

18. A friend who lets me live in the living room like it’s mine & doesn’t mind my mess.

19. Sugar scrubs on the face.

20. Off days where getting dressed is optional until afternoon.

21. Berry College having football – so all my old friends come to town for big, long awaited hugs.

22. Working weekends so others can rest & “retreat” because they need it.

23.. Encouraging words from Gramma about my book.

24. Reading other Gratitude blogs (like this one and this one).

25. Dinner, desserts, & Downton with Tay – some of my favorite nights in the whole wide world.

26. Filling planner pages with birthdays, weddings, work days, dinners, and adventures.

27. Cranberry pants that go well with everything.

28. Free tickets & rides to big concerts on Tuesday nights for fun (Mumford & Sons in Atlanta! Thanks Bell, Kaf, & Marianna!)

29. New music (Greg Laswell, Peter Bradley Adams, Lorde)

30. Monday evenings spent outside with a yard full of kids, mud, balls, and fun (and their parents).

31. Big dreams & doing things big for the Kingdom.

32. A coffee date with this sweet soul sister of mine in approximately 1.5 hours after a solid year and so many big things. It will be like breathing easy & celebrating all at once. My heart is at peace with her near!


“Here’s to gratitude and how it turns everything into enough.” –Todays Letters


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