Weekly Nuggets

I feel like my weeks are packed with fun little nuggets of awesome. Here are a few photos to prove it:


1. I got my first big girl paycheck. It was a wonderful feeling. I paid bills before going to work because I was so excited.


2. The weather is cooling off, meaning I don’t feel so bad that I wear pants so often, but also makes me a bit anxious about working chunky sweaters into “business casual” because I’m not so sure I know how to wear other things during the winter.


3. Because I got paid…Sandy got her first ever (from me) car wash! I prefer doing it myself, but alas – the carwash is so fun.


4. I got to spend a little more time at Normandy Inn (see winshaperetreat.org for more info) and found this little piece of salvaged plaster on the wall. 


5. My deodorant melted in the car. It’s okay. I’ll just put it back in there and set it upright so it will melt back (these are the sad things in my life – normal people would just buy a new deodorant).


6. I *finally* got a new Nalgene – so I don’t have to drink out of my funky World-traveled one. However, it will be used as a planter in my new apartment. It’s too sentimental to get rid of.


7. I had sushi (last night actually) and loved every second of it. I also tasted Sake for the first time. Phenomenal experience. So thankful for some cultural texture in my life.


8. I started my Pampered Chef kitchen collection with this little baby. It will hold & grow Pumpkin bread sometime this week with my lovely friend, Em! It will be an adventure and we’ll love it.


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