Birthday Wishes

Posted this on Facebook earlier…and meant every word of it:


I know my birthday is coming up and I know you’re thinking, “She’s been around the world. What could she POSSIBLY want for her birthday?” Well, here are some (24) suggestions for you to consider:
1. Pottery classes at Earthworks Pottery.
2. Fun jewelry to wear to work.
3. Sweaters.
4. Black skinny pants.
5. ENO underquilt for my hammock.
6. ENO bug net (also for hammock).
7. French Press or drip brewer so I can make delicious coffee.
8. Money toward a cute dresser & other apartment items.
9. Money and/or skymiles so I can attend Amy Dillman’s wedding next August.
10. A nice meal.
11. Field trip to the aquarium.
12. Tickets to a play (or, if you’re feeling adventurous, to Book of Mormon at the Fox).
13. A big hug.
14. Balloons.
15. Reese’s cups (mini ones).
16. An iron.
17. Your most favorite novel that I must read.
18. Field trip to the High Museum.
19. Field trip to the Jewseum.
20. Field trip to the Food Truck Park.
21. Donation to my non-profit/cause of choice.
22. Hand-written card/letter.
23. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue
24. My very own hydrangea bush.