33. Praying specifically into something while driving Stretch Rd. to work and seeing the fruition of it during the day – whether that be in my attitude change or something external.

34. Long drives and being under-dressed to see awesome friends do their thing on a stage with wigs and scowls.

35. Churching where a few verses deeply is enough.

36. Nomad life.

37. Partnering with some of my best friends in the whole world to help make something great happen.

38, Holding doors at work, even when it’s not my job.

39. Friend dinner dates that surpass all in fun and relaxation.

40. Deciding to make apple pie in apples on a whim.

41. Green bean casserole on a Thursday.

42. Any conversation with Erin Smith.

43. Design, branding, & marketing opportunities.

44. Vision.

45. This song.


Our lives aren’t defined by our greatest successes or our biggest mistakes. It’s Thursday. We can quit keeping score. – Bob Goff