46. An evening spent serving pastors at Normandy with Terry & Theta – y’all, one of my favorite nights of work so far. It’s incredible up there. The covering of the Holy Spirit there is so different and so good.

47. Never being too old for Donkey Kong.

48. Laughter invading all my life spaces

49. A bed to fall into at the end of the day.

50. A quilt from my great grandmother for said bed.

51. A new cast iron skillet.

52. Crying five times during the first episode of Downton Abbey season 4. It was worth the tears.

53. Old guitar strings saved for unintentional craft projects on a Monday night.

54. The word “no” and its ability to help one breathe.

55. Old notes about sprinkles, reminding me that big time friendships are real and I did spend a year not in America.

56. Princess bandaids. 

57. Home.


Breathe in thankfulness like you’re chain-smoking it.
Breathe out hope.
-Bob Goff