Mid-Week Motivation: A Personal Statement

My goal is to connect people who, together, can accomplish goals and turn dreams into realities while building & restoring the Kingdom.


This whole idea is something so old, yet so concise and new in my brain waves. 


This is what I want to do.
If someone comes to me and says, “Hey, this is my dream. I don’t even know how it’s going to happen, but I know this is what I’m supposed to be doing,” I want to do everything in my power to help them.

But what really drives it straight home for me – into the nooks & crannies between the rib bones to the pumping and beating heart – is being able to say, “hey, that’s funny because this other person I know has a similar vision. Let me connect you guys,” and watching God snowball it down Mount Everest like the big Boss that He is.

So many people HAVE dreams, but never act on them because they’re afraid or they just don’t know the right people to help. God has made us relational for a purpose – to be the body of Christ and accomplish the works He has planned for us. (Can you tell I’ve been reading Ephesians?!)

Where community becomes something much larger and much more important than just getting by.