58. Working 3-deep at Front Desk in a cadence of grace and big welcome smiles

59. Gathering around our small office window, all six of us, to find fashion inspiration in the ladies below.

60. Hosting a wonderful group of women like Pursuit 31.

61. Being name-dropped to three people on my “I’d like to meet you & have coffee” list by three of the greatest friends.

62. A .38 special by my bedside like I’ve never had before just in case that coyote decides to be something different.

63. Mountain Day – a holiday and experience like no other.


64. Conviction to be just as excited about every other group, because God’s capabilities aren’t determined by who’s names we know or don’t know.

65. Dream encouragers and vision doers.

66. Salt & Little pencils

photo 2

67. The Steel Magnolias, as we’re now coined, and what a great team we’re growing to be in our second floor corner.

68. Learning to be a cook & buy good shoes from some of the grandest people I know.

69. People to discuss international living & missions with on the reg.

70. Cool mornings and new pants.

71. Kenyan chai that almost tastes like Indian chai from the train – a sweet unexpected grace on a Thursday.

72. Designing.

73. Different clouds on different days with different sun colors and whispering air.

photo 1

74. Being the dream girl and passion with fire that not even the best fire extinguisher could put out.

75. Hearing “YOU GO GIRL” when my mission trip story’s being told – y’all, this made my heart leap in excitement. I can’t explain it. Usually people say “wow.” But just hearing that explosion of “I don’t know you but I’m backing you 100%” made all the world of difference.

76. Time spent with a best, even if it’s only one hour or less than that. Sweet face time with those top tiers goes so far.

77. Liz Renee and her intentional love and passions for similar things.

78. Crying in the TJ Maxx parking lot during a heart pep-talk I didn’t even realize I needed – and oh how bad I needed it.

79. Breathing in thankfulness like I’m chain-smoking it.

80. My prayer road always being consistent and my prayer Boss being the boss of it all.

81. Meeting Hannah Brencher and talking about Chris Tomlin’s baby.


What if, instead of counting the times and ways you love people, turn into love.