National Boss’s Day

In honor of the greatest Boss of them all, here’s a throwback. You can find it & more in Rocks on a Shelf, my collection of poetry from the Race. 


Do you wear oversized old man sweaters
Boss with maybe suspenders and khaki
pants or are you more of a faded jeans
and button up kind of style with a
hat like you relax Boss but I
think you’re more of a hard worker with
steel toed boots do you ever change
clothes Boss city or trees or are you
somewhere in between like suburbia
or Portland boss where all the Hipsters
live and walk in their suede button up
shoes next to mountains or Beach Boss
in cutoffs or flip-flop tans I can’t pin
you down Boss any more than I can catch
an unchanging cloud in my frocket
and hold onto it like the rod you
wrangle your sheep with Boss in a coat of many
colors or is that entirely last fraternity bowties
or more traditional Boss you
never change or
are you always changing clothes to
help you think of better essay topics
or what to reveal next about you
do you study in a suit & tie or are you
comfortable opening the front door of
heaven in sweats and an old college t-shirt
Boss do you pull for the braves because
I think you do you prefer things that
begin with the letter B and I’m your