82. Chickfila sweet tea at my beck & call on a daily basis.

83. Celebrating this precious girl’s birthday and reveling in the sheer mushy-love of her baby brother.

Zoe           Beckham

84. A friend who is willing to teach and an afternoon spent in true Southern style, enough to make my brother proud.


85. Photoshopping and designing and laughing on my couch with Sar in true top tier style.

86. Driving with the windows down, heat on the feet, and arms lifted high with reason to sing.

87. Shouting Jesus from the rooftops over this city that has my hearts and knowing that there is power in speaking that Name and some of satan’s plans were thwarted that night because we walked by and carry the Spirit inside us.


88. That moment when you realize just what “unconditional” really means and it brings you to your knees with hot tears in absolute awe of the sky-mover and Creator of this heart.

89. Two years of prayer manifest in a vision for the women around me and sharing it with six of the greatest friends a girl could ask for.

90. Seeing Julie Roberts, Lindsey Lynch, and Emily Earp in the same morning. Oh bless, my heart is still so full.

91. Unplanned Monday dinner with Madison – because unplanned intentional time goes down in the books for being greater.

92. Peanut butter cookies.

93. Tuesdays with Taylor, Mindy, & that New Girl, Jess, usually with a little Bones mixed in here and there.

94. An off day to spend in pajamas and remind myself that sleep and rest are good and needed for refilling the soul.

95. Twitter. An opportunity to find & connect with dreamers, movers, & shakers.

96. The Oxford comma.

97. Coworkers that encourage and challenge Spiritual growth. Y’all, I have the best work environment.

98. A night spent in the middle of the country with my best. Gosh I love quality time.

99. This song.