Autumn is so full of rich memories begging to be remembered and new opportunities as numerous as the colors of the changing leaves. It’s one of those times so chock full of emotion and desire that it takes my breath away on a daily basis. I find myself knee deep in this event and that meeting and trying to get together with those friends and maybe find time to pick apples or carve a pumpkin that my stomach seizes. The smell of cloves and apples and the chill in the air that sends shivers down my spine and beckons for the sweaters and boots from deep in the recesses of my closet has me in knots of deeply rooted feelings that stomp their feet and demand to be felt.
I’m in love with this time, this particular October month, but my breath catches with all this heartfelt and I have a hard time breathing deep and letting it all come out again. So I have to continue the list, maybe a little more often than once a week, just to feel it all – take it in and release it once more and be done with it, ink on screen.

100. The wince of warm feet just out of bed and that first touch of cold morning floors

101. Remembering those times when flushing toilet paper was taboo and my summer was twice as long without autumn on my birthday.

102. A table of ladies celebrating my birth a year ago – some of whom are my dearest and best friends in the world.  Oh to hug them again!

103. Seeing a friend’s dreams come true: Morgan’s acceptance letter & that text & how she’s moving back to Swaziland in January. Oh boy!

104. Being reminded seven times in one day that my birthday is in seven days. Y’all, I’m not much for being the spotlight, but I do love being celebrated in the oddest way. I’m glad it only happens once a year or my pride and I would have a real struggle.

105. Suzanne – there’s something about her joyful demeanor and encouraging words that makes a Tuesday not look so overwhelming for a moment.

106. Jokes and laughter – I can’t get enough of these little lighthearted moments in the office or beyond. Laughter, truly, makes the heart light.

107. Forgetting to clock in – it’s the bane of my existence. I get caught up on emails and to-do lists that I forget, but it resets my brain and reminds me that mistakes are in everyone’s day-to-day, not just mine. And it’s the uncomfortable humility in owning up to those that takes my pride down a notch.

108. Multiple hums to “10,000 Reasons” by Matt Redman – our hearts sing the same song quite often. It’s the Spirit in us.

109. Breathing deep & pressing in.

110. The opportunity to give a great big hug to this girl today and the big memories of our college-long friendship, including walks around campus with deep talks and late nights in the cottage and the Nashville concert drives. And that time she moved to Ireland. I love this girl and her heart for bigger things!


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