This has been one of those rough weeks – the way all third-weeks are in a month. By this point, you’re either succeeding or hard failing. I’ve been on the quick track to hard failing: forgetting things, dropping the ball, wavering on things that are important, and looking at my future with a less than hopeful outlook. We’ve all been there. But instead of staying here, I’m going to keep moving, but these circumstances have greatly influenced this list.

111. Little warm shivers from the sun when the air around you is chilly – a reminder that God is, indeed, there.

112. A God that provides.

113. A little heart-to-heart with this precious friend. Amy is someone I met on the Race and has become one of my dearest friends.


114. The way missing someone hits you like a rock with no mind to where you are or what work you have to do.

115. Old buttons, some antiques, from Gramma’s house that sit on my desk in a vase – constant reminders of that family love.

116. Sending packages.

117. Laughter – I know this has been on my list over and over, but it never ceases to bless me.

118. Making up words in emails like “twiendship” and making friend dates with Race alum that I don’t really know in real life yet. #wemetonline

119. Having my birthday coined “Bethday” by @heyheyhelena and @watkinsemily because it sounds British and is clever.

120. Good blogs like this one:

121. Being added to a ridiculous conversation on Facebook on accident – added laughter to my day.

122. Finding a random song in our work playlist that I’ve never heard, but evidently added, and it blowing my mind.

3 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Barbara Harrrell, Grandma says:

    Sounds like you’re trying to settle down and accept your future. Probally will be trying but you can do it.

  2. Madison W. says:

    Fact: NO ONE HIGHER IS ONE MY FAVORITE SONGS IN ALL THE EARTH. Its just so good. & he’s got lots of ridiculously good stuff in Spanish too on the spotifiy.

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