These are the Memories I Have of Trains

1. Shoshaloza Meyl – purple. African. Big breakfast. Heat stroke. Drunk guys. Hover pee. Erin’s two beers. Cider. Being kicked by one or both of the Ryans. Music sharing with Ben & Ceena. Duckleberry & Little Richard. Dragging my bag because it was too heavy to carry to the car. Squished bananas. Trying to flip & falling straight on my face. Standing with the doors open. Running out of water. LONG stop in the middle of the night. PB&J Doritos. Our own car. Sleeping in the luggage racks. Vineyards. Reading books. Touching the cactus. 

2. Really fast train. Small seats. Bag not fitting. Short ride. 

3. Colorful Honk Kong subways. The Chinese man vomiting noodles & wine everywhere – SICK. 

4. China trains. Crowded. Me with my big bag. Impossible. Forever hours. Instant Noodles. SMOKING. Squattie-hovering…impossible. Nowhere to put our bags. Windows that don’t open. No sleep. Sick. Long talks with Becky. Vanessa using the Chinese man’s shoulder as her pillow. Jillian’s swollen ankles. The smell of beer.

5. The blue train from the movies. “Chai Coffee Coffee Chai.” Open doors. Open windows. Top bunk sleepers. Sleep. Chacos hanging. Lots of snacks. Hot. Fans. Countryside. Spice. Talking through the wires to Sara & Katie. Thumbs Up. 

6. Romania. HOT. Death. Dying. Meredith only wearing a bra. Sweat & heat everywhere. Our own little box. Sleep.

7. Sleepers. Hot. Not a lot of sleep. Reading. Better than Romania. The way Kiev looks when it’s cold.