Why I Love My Birthday


I know you’re all wondering – why all the hype? Why make such a big deal about one day in late October?

Well, I know there are some obvious reasons that I’m sure you see – I was born, it was awesome, and on this day lots of people tell me they love me. Tons of affirmation explodes the dams of my social media outlets and it all pours out into big fat happiness (which also includes cake).

Those are obvious. Who doesn’t like to be celebrated?!

Beyond all that hoopla, there are a few reasons that might not seem so obvious. Let me clue you in on the big secret to why my birthday is so important to me.


On this day, everything is happy. Bad things might still happen and disappointments, I’m sure, will arise, but joy is in the air and nothing can take that away.

Through the hundreds (I hope) of Facebook comments, texts, and Tweets wishing me a wonderful birthday, I see all the names & faces of those who have shaped so much of my life and to whom I owe unending gratitude for their part in helping me grow, pushing me toward success, and telling me the truth.

It’s those people that I celebrate on days like today, not myself. Like my mama for instance – she went through two weeks of labor (because I’m stubborn, of course) just to have me. That’s legitimate commitment.
There are countless people who, because I knew them, have c hanged me for the better.


Today, today of all days: I am thankful.