It’s that time again, but I swear it was just yesterday that I spent listing. It wasn’t, but I can tell you my mental list ran out of paper yesterday with all the glorious blessings & love I received. I’ll try to recount some of them here, along with everything since last Thursday.


124. My dad. His birthday was Friday and he’s pretty great. We used to play tennis a lot together when I was younger and he likes to watch baseball with me when I’m home. We also like to argue a lot, but it’s all in good fun…most of the time. I get my corny jokes from him.

125. The laughter and bonding that ensues from me being 45 minutes late to a dinner with two precious friends. I’m so glad they have such great humor and grace! And they WAITED to eat until I got there – who DOES that?!

126. Coming home to packages and envelopes stuffed with pretty things.

127. God working in the waiting – I had a conversation scheduled (that sounds sad, but it’s true) at 1pm on Friday and arrived a bit early, so in my waiting began talking to a friend of mine. This unplanned conversation turned into me finding a place to live in December with two people who love the Lord in a neighborhood so close to another family that is so dear to my heart.

128. The planned conversations. The ones about escaping to Mitford and where to find peace and how to serve and being friends. The ones with the good people, the role models, the ones you want to grow up to be like. The soul conversations and the get-to-know-yous shared with the sweet spirited ones. Especially on a Friday.

129. Ruth, Naomi, and the growth that comes from weeping forward.

130. Relaxing days full of Netflix and only going to Publix for a second.

131. The beautiful faces & conversations of a Sunday.

132. More time spent at Normandy – serving dinner, meeting my first group, and learning a bit more about loving well.

133. The anticipation that comes with a birthday-eve, as if the next day is when the whole world begins.

134. Being surprised with banana pudding. Being surprised with cake isn’t even half that amazing. Homemade banana pudding shows serious commitment and love.

135. Roommates and friends who aren’t afraid to break out the spoons and eat from the bowl.

136. Quiet darkness when migraines come and a work that’s full of grace in those moments.

137. A work environment that includes lots of smiles and personal statements, candles, and love – a homey place.

138. Letters full of sweet words and a little jewelry here and there found in my mailbox in the early morning.

139. Celebrating my birth with apple pie and continual reminders. Sometimes it feels so good to be celebrated.

140. Digital love on my birthday (you know, all those facebook posts, tweets, insta-throwback photos, texts, and calls).

141. The Oxford comma.

142. Birthday cards. If you don’t know much about me, please know this: I love handwritten notes, letters, and cards. They are my love language. I cherish them and reread them often.

143. Emails about ladybugs from Facilities – just like the emails about deer from Berry. Living on a mountain has its share of cute niche emails and public service announcements.

144. My mom – who went through two weeks of labor to have me. She’s a trooper.

145. Birthday phone calls from people like Ceena Idicula and Erin Smith. It doesn’t get much better.

146. Knowing there are letters waiting for me right this very second in my mailbox.

147. Sara Gentry, Sarah Littlefield, Emily Earp, Madison Willoughby, Lindsey Lynch, Susan Doane, and Julie Roberts. Why each of these wonderful ladies? Because they, so graciously and so avidly, have helped planned the Ladies’ Bruncheon on Saturday like bosses. I am so thankful for friends & ladies like these in my life that want to love people big.

148. Late morning sunrises and leaving for work early to get coffee & Bojangles as a post-birthday celebration.

149. Birthday visits with Donna Davin. Lies. Any visit with her. 

150. Birthday videos. Birthday Voxes. Birthday photos. All rolled into one.

151. All the inspirational printouts around our office – the ladies in this office love to encourage and to be encouraged.Image