Gratitude: November 2

Today, I am thankful for many things.
153. leftover burlap from the Earp wedding
154. Madison’s creativity & ability to see a need and just jump in – like serving drinks today.
155. Sar’s innate skill of making sure I’m not missing anything
156. Susan’s puppy whining in the middle of Em’s talk
157. Em’s bravery & tender heart
158. Getting my oil changed for freebies while watching football and talking about cars (which, somehow, I find incredibly reminds me of home)
159. The ladies of Rome, who so graciously put up with my emotional transitions and who so desperately want to love each other out loud in big ways.
160. More than almost anything else, today I am thankful for dreams come true…for two years of contemplation and dreaming and praying manifest in a two hour catalyst for something greater and bigger, something so big it’s destined to fail without the Boss at the helm of this great ship. Oh how blessed we are that He trusts us with such grand schemes, and yet..He remembers that we are dust. He remembers we are but dust.