Gratitude: November 6

166. I am thankful for words. Words are how knowledge and awareness are spread. Words are the essence of letters in my mailbox proving time was spent thinking of just me. Words are at the root of each promise in Scripture that I cling so tightly to and research for better understanding. Words are one way in which affirmation occurs. Words can flow like honey and roses, but words can bite with bitterness. Words can be comforting hugs like hands around warm mugs of delicious winter drink or the chill of the bars that hold us back. Life and death are in the power of the tongue that speaks the words into existence: creation.

I am thankful for the words I so often misplace because they humble me. I am thankful for the words I hear and read from others because they speak to my heart like paint on a canvas and harmonies in a symphony. I am thankful for the words, whatever the language, I am able to use in communication with the One.

I am so thankful that we’ve been given the ability to communicate with strokes and symbols, letters and punctuation, to tell stories, to know and be known. What a beautiful blessing it is to breathe out a blowing wind of sounds and inflections in the same way the stars were breathed and the waters were tamed.