Gratitude: November 11

170. Monday nights: I have the privilege of spending most of these deep in the Texas Valley of Armuchee. Usually, dinner is involved along with great conversation, a million books about animals that Malachi picks out, and any number of other things. Mondays are usually exhausting, but I wouldn’t trade babysitting for this small group for anything. I love those families a hot ton. 🙂

171. Life isn’t performance driven. This gave me a big sigh of relief today. God calls us to be all that we can be, but He’ll fill in the rest. Our flesh fails. We can’t do it right or do it well enough to succeed without Him. In the end, whatever glorifies Him will last, not whether or not I answered a question correctly or made all of the details work. Just do you. (haha – Lizzie!)

172. The Old Mill. This place reminds me of so much. It’s beautiful, first of all, regardless of the season. It’s a big circle. I spent my last few in-person minutes with my Papa here. I’ve played guitar, painted, and written poetry here. I’ve cried, sought the Lord, and, with clenched fists, fought through some of the roughest moments in my last five years of life here. Mornings before work spent here in meditation and solace are so sweet to my soul.


173. Calls from Katie. I spent a lot of time on the phone with this girl today – hashing out our heartache for those in the Philippines and what God’s calling for next. She’s the one that calls me Bird like it’s natural and I don’t mind. I love how easy it is to have phone conversations, like we talk everyday, even after three months apart. True friends. 🙂


174. SRT with Lizzie – this girl is so good at pushing me to seek more from my knees. She reminds me so often of how powerful the Lord is. Being able to hash out some scripture and what God’s teaching us in these daily moments is good. So good.


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