Gratitude: November 12 & 13

(I’m combining these two since I didn’t post yesterday)

175. These ladies make my life a better place. They’ve been around through the thick of it in the last four years. Suz and I met covered in paint a few years ago and my friendships with Sarah & Madison soon followed. I’m thankful for them in a big way, but specifically for the delicious fajita dinner I got to share with Suz & Madi last night – let’s just say it was so wonderful that I only wanted to fall into bed afterward…and I was afraid my pants would never fit again. It’s the truth.



176. Cast iron frying pans. I’m not sure I’ll ever use anything else. They’re wonderful. I love them.

177. This girl & our first adventure to buy leg warmers so many years ago (I’m sure it was years – it had to be). My friendship with Em is one of the most soul-quieting friendships I’ve ever had. She challenges me and uplifts me and understands my heart in a deep way. We love tea, pumpkin things, and antiquing and simply being friends. I adore this girl! 



178. Flowers that make it through the weekend.

179. Christmas tea.

180. New books to hold with pages to flip.

181. The productivity that only comes on a Wednesday.

182. Hunter-green oversized sweaters. It’s time.

183. Watching Ratman & Raegan fight. This is the only reason I can come up with for people to have cats. They’re hilarious when they fight.

184. Buying a book of stamps & mailing a letter. As much as I love to receive the mail, it’s so much more wonderful to peel and stick that stamp and put the flag up on the mailbox like an SOS – “Here am I! Send me!” I love it. I love love love it.

185. Old buttons in jars.

186. Infinity scarves: just one more way for circles to invade my life.

187. THIS girl (can I dedicate three to being thankful for different friends in one post?): One year ago we were gardening and planning Christmas parties and Thanksgiving together. We had a hilarious sleepover on the 23rd of last year and this year we’re having another one, but a week early. I am so thankful God put us both in the middle of nowhere Africa at the same time. Walking into the team house that first night and seeing that Auburn sweatshirt (even though I’m a die-hard Georgia fan) made me feel so much at home just when I needed it, not to mention the grilled cheese & potato salad Morgan & Michaela made us for dinner! Morgan and I kept in touch for the remainder of my Race and boy am I so glad! She’s getting ready to move back to Swaziland, so I guess that means I’ll need to buy a plane ticket to Africa next November. 🙂 


Image at Olive Garden the night I came home!

188. The way God is using and moving the 50+ people I spent a year around the world with. We’re anywhere from grad school to teachers (in the US and abroad), and so much more. Many are getting married, many are taking big steps to become full-time missionaries in other countries, and many are working for ministries here in the States. It’s beautiful to see how God has connected us all, only to have us spread out and shine bright like diamonds for His kingdom. 

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