Gratitude: November 21

217. Tiptoeing in boots on a non-carpeted hallway.

218. Surprises.

219. Green bean casserole & mac&cheese for lunch.

220. Stuffing boxes.

221. 8pm “midnight premieres” for those of us who are entirely too old to stay up until 3am (as if we could).

222. New friends.

223. Moving (again) into a cute house in a cute neighborhood with fun people so close to the Lynch’s! Oh I can’t wait! 

224. The past 2 months at 127 Elliott Drive with Sierra, Joseph, Raegan, and Ratman – they included housesitting at another house, getting a new bed & some new furniture, killing a spider, trying to grow strawberries in the cold, carving my first pumpkin, roommate dinners & Hulu tv shows on the couch, and tons of other fun things. I’ll definitely miss them!

225. New beginnings.

226. God’s unending provision. It’s not performance based. He’s got His best, which is my best, in mind no matter where I’m at or how hard I fall. He knows what I need.

227. A work that has hot coffee.

228. Psalm 113:7-8 “He raises the poor from the dust & lifts the needy from the garbage pile in order to seat them with nobles – the nobles of His people.” 

229. That time I mapped out the kings of Israel & Judah because I wanted to know why God was so angry in Jeremiah.