Gratitude: November 23

230. circles.

231. friendships from work that happen off the mountain.

232. prayer.

233. affirmation from coworkers.

234. Coca Cola (I really don’t like Pepsi).

235. friends who stick it to the man and remind me of great scripture.

236. Catching Fire with Shelby Rhea & Rachel & all of SR’s friends.

237. opportunities to practice my Spanish, even if it means there’s lots of waiting involved.

238. the power in the name of Jesus.

239. watching VIne videos at night with Joseph.

240. I’m thankful for God’s whole heart in the ladies I work with and how we have clicked and become such a tight-knit group in such a short amount of time. They are precious to me.

241. colorful pens.

242. “Blessings” binders.

243. Ratman is leaving today.

244. An awesome roomie evening tonight – complete with Mexican & laundry.

245. Coffee dates.

246. Packing boxes of toys to sweet kids in Honduras.

247. Friends who talk things out.

248. Trust & truth.

249. “Bless her/his heart.”

250. Movie theater popcorn…even if it’s too salty.


We spend a lot of energy remembering failures God spent a lot of love saying we could forget.  Bob Goff