Gratitude: November 23

I’ve done a little bit of looking back today, sweeping some cobwebs off an old friendship & reminiscing on how great God is, so some of these things are from the recesses of my memory.

251. As hard as it was for me to come to terms with this, I’m thankful for the church I grew up in, full of rules and unworthiness, coldness and a strange love. I learned a lot there. I learned (in retrospect, let’s be real) that the Word really doesn’t return void when spoken, no matter what other words are spoken around it. 

252. Redemption & that God is in the business of redeeming.

253. Not having to explain why I love trees so much or where “beloved” comes from or why I’m just now able to eat Papa John’s pizza again.

254. Coffee with a friend who is such a crucial part of my testimony after three long years & a conversation that felt like it could go on forever. 


255. The friendships that love God first.

256. Dinner with Kaf.

257. A new house to move into with cool roomies.

258. Heat…because it has been dang cold today.

259. God’s calling.

260. Nutcrackers.

261. Frockets.

262. Hairspray that gets rid of static.

263. Hugs.

264. Round brushes.

265. Corn tortillas.

266. Cappuccinos.

267. Grace.