Gratitude: November 27

293. The red cups and the gingerbread.

294. Hair that seems to do alright on its own after a shower.

295. Oversized sweaters and flannels to lounge in.

296. Bowls, plates, and cups because they’re almost always circles.

297. Circle holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas that mean roundtrip tickets and tables piled with plates and bowls and pies and the family that flits from room to room making sure laughter permeates every space.

298. Embracing the awkward tomorrow of a second Thanksgiving not at home by spending time with one of my favorite families at their Thanksgiving…with lots of folks I don’t know, but I don’t mind. I have some stories to tell.

299. One year ago. Chugged cokes, peanut butter pie, butternut squash casserole putting on airs like sweet potatoes, Swazi loves, mashed potatoes peeled one by one, dutch blitz, that yellow hat I left in Romania and my pants not fitting after the stuffing. Oh, to hug those sweet people one more time.

300. I’m so ridiculously thankful that Morgan lives in Auburn (for now) and that texting/calling is so simple for just a bit.

301. An email I got from Madison last Thanksgiving (in Swazi we didn’t really have internet unless you got 15 minutes of the free jank from a place across town. I decided not to go that day because I was making mashed potatoes for the big feast so I gave my iPod to Amie G. She connected it to the internet and let it download all my emails and iMessages. I distinctly remember sitting in the window of Morgan & Michaela’s house that morning reading this email and just feeling my heart pound out the excitement and truths she typed into it. Madi is a special friend of mine…and here come the tears. This girl. She has prayed over me countless times and spoken real honest life over me on so many different occasions. I am so thankful for her.) — here’s a little peak at that email:  He is already proud of me. I don’t have to go across the world so that people will know that I love Him or know that He loves me. I can live in Atlanta. I can work at Starbucks or drive a school bus or be a garbage lady or work in a church or live at Niagara Falls or in the bush of Africa and that doesn’t change how he feels about me. 

302. Losing all my crocheting stuff last night. I still have no idea where it is, but I taught myself to knit (with help from Sierra via text)!!

303. Phone calls with my top tier ladies within a single day. I love how Amy’s heart spills over into every conversation. She desires so much to grow and help me grow. And my Lizzie – driving through mountains, talking about boys and retreats and driving home and all the real things in the world. I welcome the whimsy with a side of tough love. These (almost) weekly convos with Erin are so good to my soul, too. They’re always brimming with exciting things, even if that excitement is nothing more than driving to the store. Jamaica 2014, HERE WE COME. #toptier Ps. Erin & Liz, Amy says we have to insta her wedding dress in Jamaica because no one will see it before then. We officially have a job to do..and it’s one we’re all so dang good at. 😉

304. Speaker phone convos with my mama and her bestie, whom I love dearly..and how Riley is such a boy who doesn’t like to talk on the phone. He will weasel his way into a “yes” or “no” answer if he can. I can’t wait to hug them.

305. Apple pie and lattice crusts…that I make myself.

306. It’s You by Pictures & Sound

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