Gratitude: El Dia de Gracias

307. I’m thankful for families that adopt me on major holidays like Thanksgiving when I don’t make it home to see my blood fam. I’m thankful that “family” doesn’t have to be blood. It can simply be people that love the Lord a whole bunch and share their love (and food) with you. Today that family was the Burnetts. Love them big.


308. Elf on Thanksgiving night because duh.

309. The great game of spoons and learning to lose well.

310. Amy Burnett. I mean, I think Drew is cool, but I want to be like Amy when I grow up.

311. My precious family at home, immediate and extended, that snapped, tweeted, fb’d, and texted so many photos so I would feel missed and loved by them today (and slightly jealous…. I can’t lie).

312. A black lab to replace the little part of my heart that misses 75lb Duke.

313. How Jesus somehow manages to use it all.

314. Having outside eyes to see how big the Kingdom is about to get in this little place.

315. Sweet potato souffle – it literally never gets old. I had two HUGE portions today, but I could totes go for more right now.

316. Hour long car rides playing “on the road bingo,” connect the dots, and tic-tac-to with Malachi because car games are the most fun.

317. Thanksgiving bingo (that Sara obvi won, but we tried so hard).

318. Homemade apple pie.

319. Two sweet Facebook posts from Suzanne.

320. Redemption. I know this has been on here before, but I’m seeing it everywhere now. It’s sprouting up like new trees through the last melting snow into spring.

321. Cool people I’ve had the opportunity to meet, talk to, or discover this year like Hannah Brencher, Lara Casey, Emily Ley, Ann Voskamp, Erin Eddy, HiveATL, Beloved Atlanta, Fly For Good, and so many more.

322. Roots. Familial ones, but also those friendships that were planted so long ago and watered by the Spirit. From sweet AK who is pounding out the Kingdom in Africa to friends with whom I attended that first Passion 2010 with to my favorite red-headed family. There are some friendships that are rooted and grounded in Love. The rooted ones that have grown into big unwavering trees. We’re stretched across the world like branches growing the green leaves and fruit.

323. Spanish brain all day.

324. A God with no limits.

325. Green bean casserole made with canned green beans.

326. Telling stories about the Race because there are so many and I could never share them all.

326. That thanksgiving in Swaziland that I will tell my grandkids about someday because of how special it was to me. It’s full of warm.

327. Grace. Oh, that grace and mercy that slow it all down and make it so full.

328. How I spent basically all of the last year in not America with some pretty cool people. I met lots of great people, got to see God move in a lot of ways, and learned a lot. Even with all the ridiculous things that happened, I wouldn’t change a moment of it. I’m so thankful that God used each of those experiences to grow my faith and open my eyes to more of who He is.

329. All the tweets I’ve received in the past year (I know, call me ridiculous if you want, but a good bit of my life happens on twitter and I love it).

330. Couches. And how blessed I am to have sat on so many of them this week. Oh how I love a good couch.