Gratitude: November 30-December 2

Sorry for the ridiculous delay, but this weekend was too wonderful to spend much time on the interwebs. I’m digging the idea of a no-social media weekend, so we’ll see how that plays out in the upcoming weeks.

341. Favor from the Lord in not getting pulled over with an expired registration ticket on my car…

342. Waking up early enough to go to the tag office this morning, even though their computers were down and I didn’t get anything done really, but Lord the experience.

343. NEW PANTS!!

344. A brand new candle from Pollen Arts. ❤

345. “How was your weekend” conversations every Monday in the office.

346. Tall Cups & Mugs tumblers to only half fill with coffee twice on a Monday so I can show it off a little longer. I still miss that place.

347. Warm shower water.

348. That six year old, Malachi, who will forever be the #mcm of the Gentry girls & I on Monday nights.

349. Suit & Tie by Justin Timberlake because duh.

350. The phrase “pop a cork” – because Christmas party entertainment

351. Guests.

352. Devos with John Piper and sweet catch-up convos post-holiday.

353. Coffee dates.

354. Seeing Drew, Amy, & Malachi for 5 of the last 7 days – it’s fine. I love them.

355. Moving in an afternoon & Allen’s truck.

356. Cookie swap plans.

357. The bridge of this song.