Gratitude: To stop or to keep going

Honestly, I kind of like posting all these grand things – I know it’s a list and doesn’t give a ton of insight into life and the things I’m thinking, so I may post fewer, but elaborate on the important ones. Thoughts?

358. We finally conquered that 1000 piece puzzle with help from Sara & the girls right before small group last night. Drew said we couldn’t finish by 6pm, but we proved him wrong. Later, Amy & I ripped it up. It took seconds to rip apart what we’d worked on for hours and hours.

359. I’m always thankful for Monday nights. I don’t sit in on all the living room conversations involved in small group. You can usually find me knee deep in kids books & nerf guns, but I love it nonetheless. I love the pre-dinner and dinner conversation, the playing games with the kids, and the post-group talking and chatting.

630. A quartet that sings “Rawhide” and “Great is They Faithfulness” in the same little dinner concert.

631. Sweet potatoes.

632. The simple gesture of walking a person to their car in a dark parking lot.

633. Stumbling over phone numbers.

634. Bar stool kitchen island conversations with the rooms.

635. Barkley jumping at every item of clothing I pull from the dryer, just waiting for me to drop that one lone sock for him to devour.

636. A hug here or shoulder pat there – the small gestures.

637. Facial expressions. It’s all in the eyes, but sometimes the rest of the face can’t help but join in on the fun.

638. People who love cookies.

639. Honda Accords – forever my favorite cars.

640. Duffy’s lunch with Abbey & stumbling into Drew making it 6 of the last 8 days that I’ve spent some amount of time with he or Amy. Bless.

641. Visiting my sweet Sar at her big girl work and leaving a note for Em.

642. Migraines that disappear with a quick hair rinse and nap.

643. One word texts and almost being late to sit with some of my favorites at our staff Christmas banquet last night – the food was alright, but the entertainment was spot on.

644. Three bottles of water had before work and a few chapters read in a new novel (because I’ve started four and have finished none of them) and the high traffic to the bathroom because of so much hydration.

645. Hazelnut coffee creamer because it just smells so good.

646. Bathroom conversations.

647. Life-update convos via text with JBean.

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