Thursdays are for Quitting

Last night I baked and crafted and tried to get a handle on all the emotions running through my veins, deep purples flashing to reds when I give breath to them. I’m learning that working in ministry with a sensitive heart makes every week a battle for the ground God has rightfully given His kingdom. It’s funny because Satan doesn’t use new tactics. He uses the age-old tricks he’s used from day one to keep us from the promise on the other side of that sea of people or emails or uncomfortable circumstances we find ourselves facing. So to you, facing something impossible or so heavy for you to carry: chin up, sweet cheeks, your victory is on its way and that very moment contains a promise straight from the hands of heaven. Nothing can keep you from it.

Here in the office we’re experiencing changes. I’m beginning to think we just go through growth spurts like a teenage boy. We’re having some growing pains today, not because we’re adding much to us, but because one of us will stand up from that desk seat and walk out in a way she will never walk in again. It’s a sad occasion, but praise heaven Susan has to come back to mountain so we’ll see her on occasion (and she’ll bring treats because, duh).

So, in light of all these changes and things, here’s an exhaustive list of all the things I love about my office.


676. We burn candles. I love candles.

677. It’s okay to be girly, but it’s okay to not be.

678. Walking into the office in the morning to “oh hey Beth!!!” with such excitement.

679. Giggles – so often, every day.

680. Sass – there is so much sass in these ladies.

681. Christine without a filter.

682. We have so many inside jokes.

683. The three times I’ve cried have been in conversation with Susan. She somehow brings out the deep emotions.

684. Cute shoes.

685. We all want to love others so so well.

686. There is grace for every mistake.

687. Our office is safe (per SR).

688. Mountain lions, otters, & sheep.

689. We love fresh flowers.

690. Christmas cheer.

691. “y’all” – Susan calls us “her girls” and we are. 🙂

692. Our lights.

693. Our creeper window

694. Creeping the styles of the Pursuit 31 ladies out the window.

695. Cozy

696. Our circle table that we refuse to get rid of.

697. Cathy’s big comfy chair.

698. The time when we all crowd in to Cathy’s office to talk.

699. No emotions are held back.

700. Honesty – there is so much honesty.

701. That time we spent our staff meeting in a circle full of affirmation, breathing deep, and prayer. Oh how I love to pray in a circle.

702. Cathy gives us freedom.

703. “Bless your heart” and southern grieving.

704. Cathy leaving things on the corner of my desk (and stealing everyone’s pens).

705. We are six girls who are often in the office at the same time, which, by all reasoning, should be miserable, but is legitimately the most incredible work environment I’ve ever experienced – we are healthy and loving and full of grace and God is alive here. It’s beautiful.

706. Bob Goff quotes on our board.

707. First date stories.

708. Family – here, but also our individual families that we share stories about.

709. “I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection.”

710. Our new sleek printer.

711. Visits from Jesse – “Praise God for the event planners. He picked the good ones.”

712. We encourage rest in the midst of chaos.

713. Sharing recipes – specifically whatever Susan is cooking for her family.

714. High standards of grace & doing love – kingdom driven.

715. Pinterest.

716. Cathy’s baking gene – which is rare.

717. Positive change.

718. The pencils.

719. Smothering & covering our office in prayer circles.

720. Our gratitude – we have no problem speaking it out and living it.

721. Taking time to build relationships – with groups, other departments, and within our office.


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