722. Sandy’s windshield wipers that make funny noises when there’s not enough water on the windshield to wipe away.

723. 190 miles traveled south on i-75 armed with all things in my car with which to live in cold weather..only to find muggy September waiting for me. Happy fourth of July!

724. Early arrival at the lake house & the way eggnog only tastes alright after the mango marg.

725. Late night Duck Dynasty laughs with Gramma & Cassi.

726. The quick trips to Salt Lick for breakfast or lunch or jerky.

727. Watching brothers play video games – favorite past time.

728. Until 1:30am conversations about international living, the living word of God, and all the random trinkets Papa kept on his dresser with my missionary cousin and P31 granny.

729. Robes and slip on house shoes for tile floors and early morning grits.

730. Hot showers and weather-appropriate clothing.

731. Bodum mugs and antique electric percolators that sound like “those breathing machines.”

732. Bones marathons.

733. Stretch out, well-worn skinny pants that now count as “lounge pants.”

734. Duke thinking he can take my fettuccine lunch the same way he took that cold piece of pizza – right out of my hands. I’m a little smarter this time.

735. Pizza Hut in China – the best Christmas Eve meal ever.

736. Cards colored like presents, sock monkey underwear, pink bear keychains, key necklaces, and my person. I miss you Ceena!

737. Notes that I still have from a year ago.

738. Being missed so much by four youngins that have become my company of choice on Monday nights – so much that FaceTime happened. So much that Malachi threw himself to the forefront so he could make the best faces. So much that Alexis insisted on having her own closeup 🙂 Gosh I love those kids & their families so! 

739. I’ll write a year in review, but my goodness am I thankful for the full circle of 2013.

740. I’ll even be thankful for the ridiculously long train ride from Langzhou to Beijing with smokers and a cold and ramen and sitting next to my Becks while filling my journal with the scratches of a delirious mind and a captivating God. We had some wild discussion that night while neither of us could sleep, but God uses those moments when our human reasoning & logic have long since taken off their bifocals and closed their eyes to remind us that He exists outside of what we think and see.