Beginning 2014 Well

741. Lunch out with Abbey & Suzanne when staff is scarce.

742. A trip in Sandy to the High Museum & Tin Lizzy’s before 1:30pm even hits on a Monday with my best art bud, Suz. These trips are my favorites.

743. Jorts, even the ones that are too short, and spending an evening in one of my favorite homes with so many of my favorite people (and food and laughter) – y’all, it doesn’t get much better.

744. Scarf weather.

745. Cell phones and moms that aren’t so far away when sickness hits with fury.

746. Friends & roommates who aren’t so scared of the sick to stay away, but instead bring the gamut of needed-when-sick items like saltines and sprite.

747. Unexpected recuperation days full of reading.

748. Two pals to spend New Year’s Eve with – playing Bananagrams and anticipating Miley together.

749. Hazelnut creamer.

750. Best friend engagements.

751. Knowing who your bests are by who calls and texts and stops by in the heat of the sick and all the jokes they have about “That one time you were sick and ____ happened” – elephant jokes, hallucinations, ice chips, the works.

752. Sushi to finish out the 2013 the right way.

753. Office reunions – walking back in when everyone’s here, catching up, and the genuine interest in all things missed.

754. Soup making from scratch.

755. Puzzle doing and book reading.

756. One book and a half into my fifty book year.

757. Snow flurries.

758. China boots and extra warm socks.

759. Talking to Amy, Liz, & Erin in the same week – somehow I feel like this is the stars aligning or something. It’s one of my favs when I get to hear each of their voices in the same seven days.

760.  A scanner that scans well and doesn’t get caught on each little page – y’all, we’ve had trouble with this thing since we got it and could *not* figure out why it would just get caught on pages for no reason. The Sharp people came and fixed it and I have been scanning and sending like a boss. It’s the little things, I tell you. the little things.

781. Crafting in the living room with Rach.

782. Friday nights at work…for so many reasons.

783. When one of the eagles makes an appearance in the nest.

784. Caitlin & Nick finally getting engaged. f.i.n.a.l.l.y. Seriously, y’all, I’ve been waiting on this for so long that I screamed out loud when it happened. I was so sure it’d happen while I was out of the country last year, but it didn’t. So excited for those two love birds. 🙂

785. Downton’s much anticipated premiere on Sunday evening and all the memories that dear show holds of Indian convents and airplanes.

786. Ridiculous text conversations with SR about life and Downton.

787. Friday night late office conversations that go deep.

788. a God that burdens our hearts for things even when we don’t understand why.

789. Holy burdens, holy fear, righteous anger, discernment, compassion, intercession, and Spirit movings that make sense and remind me of Harry Potter somehow. I don’t have a wicked scar on my forehead, but I have heartstrings and they get pulled in so many directions.

790. A love that has me up in arms again.

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