Gratitude: the coldest day ever

791. Mashed sweet potatoes left over on a Friday night after guest dinner. Oh que delicioso.

792. Finishing books – it’s a beautiful thing to read that last paragraph and put that last period on that last sentence.

793. Saturdays with Sarah – goodwill, the Habitat ReStore, thrifting, lunch, trivia, whatever. besties.

794. New knobs for my vanity drawers – so I don’t get frustrated every time I accidentally close them all the way and can’t get them open.

795. Movie marathons: harry potter, hotel rwanda, and the like.

796. New used books – well loved.

797. Downton Abbey – I have so many memories attached to this show. I watched the first two seasons in my China hotel bed and the third with Erin on flights and in Indian convents. I’m so excited to have it back in my life. 🙂 I’ve missed it so!

798. A tea party to ring in the new season of Downton with Madison – the best ever.

799. My car made it to work in this ridiculously cold weather.

800. I have people to call when my car messes up.

801. Google chats with Taylor during the day to pump me up just a little more.

802. Hot tea.

803. Prayer.

804. I live in Georgia and this weather doesn’t happen often.

805. Toilet seats, those little thrones of porcelain, even if they’re freezing cold.

806. Black beans, corn, and sweet tea.

807. iPhones.

808. Roommates that are close and helpful.

809. Scripture around a table – a circle of the Word – to lift a little bit of the day’s burdens.

810. Abbey knowing we needed those words today even though she didn’t really know. The Spirit moves.

811. The phrase “He’s got you baby girl” because sometimes that’s all you need to know.

812. Tea bags that can go twice.. because they’re strong.

813. This little nugget from Hannah Brencher:

I guess I’m now starting to understand why commitment seems a little jacked up and flimsy in the world today. Because real commitment– hands all in with no hope of turning outward– is not always the picture-perfect, edited thing you’d thought it would be. A lot of times it’s tears. And it’s telling yourself you will get through something, even when you aren’t so sure that you will. And it’s lacing up your boots to get through these battlefields that seek to own you with doubt and insecurity and hopelessness.