Gratitude: If You’re a Bird

814. Breakfast dates at Panera, specifically one with Allison Dolbeer today.

815. Cute things like this:

816. Finding new neighbors in our grid of tree streets and brick houses and oak trees.

817. Inspiration from Creative Bloq

818. Normandy walks and the cold air that is good for the bones and, through the death, makes one feel alive.

819. Rescued swan and the panicked heart that found the boat.

820. All that is in a name. A promise of God, “He has favored me,” warrior. Character to grow into.

821. This stump table and coffee smell.

822. Held promises: For He has a plan for good because He is good first and then I loved Him, too, and I fit into it all. Peace. Patience. Waiting. I will not be left in the dark for He remembers I am dust and dust cannot figure it out alone.

823. Heat and hardwood.

824. The bare trees.

825. Winter weather change.

826. Boxes of veggies and the people that come and go marking their names off – diverse people pick up this produce – and then the boxes fall.

827. Chinese boots…that somehow get more compliments than any others. Who knew these things, purchased in the far east freezing just to keep these poor toes warm and somehow ended up smelling like China smoke, would draw such attention in the western world.

828. Amy D laughs and phone calls from the road, even if they cut out. Love that sweet girl’s friendship from states away.

829. Cut, bang, and color questions from Lizzie. Go short.

830. Opened curtains.

831. Cold coffee, if only because I’ve been sitting for so long.

832. Long winter coats and old man cardigans.

833. Library tours, rotund.

834. Helping KP find her name on a list of who gets what. Unlikely friends, but with Berry stamps of approval on us both.

835. My ridiculous words. Some of these make me laugh.