Gratitude: Monday Came in Style

836. Skies ablaze, making way-too-early alarms enjoyable.

867. Philippians 4 on a Monday – abundance, together, rejoice, graciousness, enough, content.

868. Hearing of more people stepping into an international calling. I never thought I’d say those words, really, but it’s beautiful to see people forsake all for the Gospel. Not all are called to do such in a foreign land, but all are called to such a lifestyle wherever they are – we are here, so let’s live like it. Don’t just sing “you are enough for me” – live it.

869. Phone calls from Julie in IT just to “test things out” because she knows I don’t mind. She has put up with so many of my ridiculous computer issues in the short 5 months I’ve been here. And how she’s always “pert near decent.”

870. Finding cute stationery everywhere, like this place:

871. Photoshoots and trees.

872. Decaf coffee (I’m trying, y’all)

873. Visits from old friends.

874. Morning chats at the Front Desk with Zadie – quality.

875. Nalgenes to measure all this water I’m drinking.

876. Berry’s flooding tendencies when rain comes.

877. How much I’m craving Duffy’s chicken salad – learning self control?

878. Flannel sheets.

879. Church songs that just get me. Like this one:


880. Calender colors. I love to organize. 🙂

881. Inspiration for the day:

Let your graciousness be known to everyone. The Lord is near. Phil 4:5

If you wish to look at the stars, you will find that darkness is necessary. -Annie Dillard

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