Tuesday Learnin’

  • “Jane” is a common southern middle name.
  • Lea Michele annunciates well.
  • Black nail polish works well for most ocassions.
  • One can be “too blinged out” – and this happens a lot at Walmart.
  • Personality traits often reflect one’s given name.. check yours out.
  • Wearing my hair in a ponytail for more than a couple hours is like .. hell basically.
  • Apple pie is the best.
  • Tuesdays are good for ice cream.
  • The leggings debate will never end.
  • Some conversations are really heavy for the Office. 
  • If you’re friends with lots of parents on Facebook, you often will get odd references to Disney movies or cartoons in comments on your status.
  • Women should stop justifying these things.
  • Groundhog day is really stupid.
  • Apple pie is, indeed, better.
  • Adult life = job that you can’t really skip = sometimes missing your friends when they come to Rome (Buckwheat, you need to come back soon..when I’m not working).
  • Tuesdays can be kitty pick-up days.
  • Some songs are not appropriate for the office..like Drake.
  • Martha Berry lives on in the eagles – we have an egg. #thirdgen
  • Clear inboxes are phenomenal (well, I knew this, but I digress..)
  • Touch up on my tattoo will cost three times what I paid for it.
  • Eggs laid by eagles are called a “clutch” – like a cute purse.
  • Pink pen looks really good on blue sticky note.

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