Gratitude: Late Night

903. Colossians – Christine’s “have you read this?!” to a post-it note and the God-sized heart conversations with Suzanne.

904. The full hugs that last a little longer and feel a little stronger and refill.

905. Pajama days.

906. Two movies in a weekend – I really don’t get to the theater often, but these two were so wonderful & the company along with them.

907. Zaxby’s awful music. It was the backdrop of a wonderful meal, though the songs themselves weren’t so tasteful.

908. Facebook explosions from Benjamin reminding me that he, indeed, is still alive.

909. The biggest box I’ve ever gotten in the mail containing a new sewing machine from my mama. I.AM.SO.EXCITED.

910. All the bad things – all the ripping, awful, horrible, rotten, very bad experiences – because the good things happened then, too, and the growth, and I’m still getting over a lot of it- still learning to journal again and dig deep down in the Words, but God is still God and He is still good and He used it all. He watched it all. He was there for it all. He purposed it all. And He’s not done yet.

911. Double entendres.

912. Couches – where my shoes come off and good conversations are had.

913. Long time friends who live close & love adventures, like Mo & Cody.

914. Sherman. He’s a great big zebra lion kitty.

915. Cookie dough bites prefaced by taco goodness.

916. Full kitchens & tables. I’m beginning to think myself a bit of a home-body. I do so dearly love homey things like these. Quality time is obviously my top tier.

917. The mailman being late, because patience is a virtue.

918. People who give out of their need, not their excess. If that’s not faith, I don’t know what is. It blows me away.

919. Dreams that come true.

920. the Laughter. Even if you’re not the one laughing, being in a love-filled room with laughter will make you breathe a little easier.

Tonight I realized I’ve been holding my breath for six months. Praise the Lamb that “new mercies” include “new breath” even after such a long time.