The Praised Grace

I promised this little bit of fun to a few people yesterday. I read Ephesians 1 before work on Monday and had my mind blown. I recommend reading it before you dive any deeper. The translation I read was HCSB, but I’m not sure it will matter.

3 He has given us every spiritual blessing –! That means we are capable of working it all out through the Spirit – through these blessings. There’s no reason you or I should lack ANY Spiritual thing.

4 He chose us to be holy. He didn’t choose us to be broken or to fail or to quit. Yes, those things happen, but He chose us to be holy, just as He is holy (1Peter). We are held to a higher standard. He remembers we are dust, but expects us to stand on His will & promises, which include our holiness.

5 We were born to be adopted. This is twice as beautiful to me after seeing Sara/Andrew & Amy/Drew  – their passion & hearts for their children to be brought home is just that of God’s to have us return to Him. We didn’t even know who He was, but His desire & heart were for us – He prayed for us, had the home study, paid the price, did the international time – just so we could be His in writing. And the writing came before, but so much after He paid the price. The ultimate price. He gave it all to adopt me

6 Praising His grace. This one I have to quote: to the praise of His glorious grace that He favored us with in the Beloved.

7 According to the same praised grace of the adoption, we’ve been forgiven & redeemed – called by our new names in Him – we are His (Isaiah43).

8 He piles on the grace. He doesn’t just give us a spoonful. And with that lavished, praised grace comes wisdom, understanding – ALL of it.

9 He made known to us the mystery of His will, so why do we always ask what His will is?! We know our calling – we only need to walk in it in boldness & confidence.

10 He is the glue. He brings it all together – He glues together dimensions & worlds – the heavens & the earth.

11 He made us with a purpose that He will fulfill – because He fulfills & works it all out according to His will. The will that we know. The one that called for our adoption, praising the grace, lavishing the grace with wisdom and understanding, & calling us to be holy & bold in our calling. That one.

12 He did all that so, since our hope is already in Him, our praise might bring Him glory, like the praised grace from our adoption.

13 We were sealed with the promise when grace was praised & our adoption complete. (Like a notary? A sign of completion, but also sealed as in covered by, interceded by) He said He’d send a comforter. We were sealed, stamped, marked, with the Holy Spirit. WE GOT ALL THE BLESSINGS AND THE HOLY SPIRIT.

14 His glory gets praised in the redemption, in the adoption & the praised grace & that same will that marked us blessed.

17 Through grace we got the wisdom & understanding, we just don’t always know how to access it. Lord, give us the revelation –

18 Open our eyes to what you’e done. The calling you outlined in your will for us to be bold in, our call to holiness & fullness of all blessings, sealed with the Holy Spirit upon our adoption & the praised grace, lavished.

19 And according to your strength, which is holy strength – the glue that works it all out and holds it all together – let our eyes & hearts be opened to your power IN US – that you have, but through the seal of the Holy Spirit & that lavished, praised grace & the every blessing, you’ve given us to use in doing your will – our calling – in boldness.