Gratitude: The Feb part 1

921. Hugs.

922. The office CFA cow, decorated for my enjoyment by Christine

923. For us to have havoc, it’s just Jeremy, a familiar friend. God has grace. Big grace.

924. This table of ladies: abbey, Christine, sweet Ginny, Cathy, Suzanne, Betty, Julie, and Ashley all at once. Better circles have never happened. My heart is full after lunches with these women.

925. I’m not the only one without pink in their wardrobe. This builds alliances quickly

926. Sewing projects.

927. Adventures, crafts, & good food with my mama.

928. Kitchen cleanliness & organization.

929. Lime juice & cilantro. Specifically on nachos.

930. Our small group basically all sitting together at church because we can. Bless, it was precious.

931. 55 degree Sundays followed swiftly by kick-in-the-pants frozen. Elsa, enough.


933. Spoken word done by Ann Voskamp & Amena Brown at IF:Gathering – wow.

934. Chris Caine, who always speaks such goodness – kick in the pants goodness – that I need to hear.

935. Realizing that I really like Jen Hatmaker’s way of delivering something. Shawty don’t play at ALL. She is so straight forward and real.

936. Sunday nights where God just sits me down in humility like a huge muddy puddle. I’m thawing my heart. He’s definitely still working.

937. The morning emails with a simple statement in two short words: “YOU ROCK” – sometimes that’s all the pick-me-up and forget-me-not you need on a Monday.

938. The birds, because spring is for them and they for it and my heart skips a beat when I hear them sing it into being.

939. NK showing up on all these news websites today. So much happening. Finally light being shed on these attrocities.

940. Cathy doesn’t print our schedules so often, but when she does she leaves precious notes. These make my heart soar.

941. That roasty toasty warmness of a car that’s been sitting in the sunshine.

942. Tweeting birds just outside our little nest. They bring such joy simply by singing.

943. Successful mornings full of nail painting, Starbucks, and mailing packages.

944. Stickers for a Nalgene.

945. Watching the Olympic Figure Skating competition – it’s my favorite.

946. Tara Lipinski hosting said competition – I vividly remember watching her (on tape because I wasn’t allowed to stay up so late) win the ’98 Olympics in Nagano.

947. Alone time in the office.

948. Quotes like this from Ann Voskamp that blow my mind and bring me to tears in the middle of the office in a second with their truth:

“The only way to care for the disadvantaged – is to *disadvantage yourself* – which is absolutely guaranteed to turn out for *your advantage.*”
Be the gift.
“I do all this because he who has been loved much… he now serves much.”

“We all like being comfort-handlers but let a comfortable life wrap itself around you and that’s what ends up being the snake that snaps it’s head and poisons your life with pointlessness.”

“We were just exhausted and we were just at the end of the rope and we were just busted up, but we did hard and holy things and we were the everyday gritty radicals who murmured brazen thanks anyways.”

“All that matters is that we were Davids — David “who had served God’s purpose in his own generation” Acts 13:36.”

949. The first picnic lunch of the year with my precious new picnic basket and Rachel on a Thursday of all days.

950. Long talks with Terry & Theta that end in lightbulbs and a few trusted words: fellowship, safe

951. Standing on the front porch of Normandy, feeling all Maureen O’Hara as Scarlet, and seeing the world surrounding this beautiful place – Mount Alto, “that way is Cartersville,” and “straight down there is the Braves stadium.”

952. Friday lunches in the office with Shelby Rhea.

953.  This blog post. I know I’ve numbered words from Ann Voskamp over and over, but this is beautiful. This is my heart. This is the revolutionary. This is the eucharisteo, the thanksgiving, that sparks the revolution.