Gratitude: The Feb part 2 & March

954. Toilet paper, in all its glory, because when you *don’t* have it, you realize how important it is.

955. Encouraging words on a Wednesday reminding me that my creativity is a good thing.

956. Nescafe instant coffee in the workplace – just like Africa all over again.

957. Morning law school conversations with Ceena. I still don’t know what “perpetuities” means, but I know to blame it and the unborn widow on Noah.

958. The feeling of blood rushing down your nasal passages. I’d never had a nose bleed before yesterday. It’s quite the experience.

959. Binge reading – Water for Elephants was delicious.

960. Finishing a three-part novel series in less than two weeks. Reading is like a drug.

961. Sunshine in abundance.

962. Sunflower seeds & Coca Cola like it’s going out of style.

963. Sunday Sabbaths in the sun.

964. Planning trips to Arkansas.

965. Blog refreshing.

966. Office days where not much happens.

967. Redneck Rummage Sale finds, even if they’re not much.

968. Hydrangeas on sale at Kroger just in time for spring.

969. Eagle nest drama.

970. Bigger & Better adventures with our small group because we can.

971. Turning as many things upside down as possible in Amy’s house. =D

972. Ruzzle. Addiction.

973. Seryn in Atlanta.

974. Gumbeaux’s dates with my ladies.

975. 40 days of thank you.

976. Identifying with Superman.

977. My bestie, Emily, acting her heart out in Grease – such fun!

978. Snatching up my first Braves tickets of the season. I am so ready for baseball!

979. Adoption.

980. This quote:

“A life aimed at a clear purpose does not strive for perfection. It surrenders to the only One who is already perfect. Hard purposeful work is different than striving for the uncatchable. Let go.”
-Lara Casey