Gratitude: The End of a Grand Era

981. Appalachian Trail maps and making the real plans.

982. Scavenger hunt plans for a six year old on a 46 day, 14 state adventure.
(If you have any ideas of fun things Malachi can look for while traveling the Appalachian Trail OR if you have a Polaroid camera you wouldn’t mind lending out for the summer, let me know in the comments!)

983. “Book club” in the work place where we all read the same books and share, even though it’s not a planned thing. It’s so wonderful to share good reads, whether about Martha and her boys or a society build upon fear, around the circle tables.

984. Five letters in a day. #40daysofThankYou

985. The ability to be honest, raw, open, revelatory in the feelings inside my head and heart.

986. A weekend reminder of the head, heart, and hands.

987. Living in a place where road-patience of this variety is a normal part of life. Slow down and take the deep breaths.

photo (4)

988. A doting manager who brought the green cupcakes on St. Paddy’s Day because opportunities for celebrations and parties should be capitalized.

989. Dying of a norovirus on the Appalachian Trail right before small group.

990. Jason Mraz, an instant mood lifter.

991. Late night couch convos with Rach about the deep life things and whatever is funny on Pinterest.

992. Emoji conversations.

993. Monday night Madness. It’s like March Madness, but subtract the basketballs, add four children, and interject eating way too much food.

994. Best friend engagements – half the Sunshine Gang is in it to win it, y’all, and it’s the MOST exciting!

995. The facial answers to “how is YOUR day?” questions at the lunch table. The really honest ones, no matter what your words say.

996. Spring begins Thursday – it’s about dang time. Now, if the weather cooperates, I will rejoice gleefully.

997. Christine, because she said so..and so do I.

998. A little flip notebook I got in Honduras from one of my Top Tier to start my first 1000 while I read the book.

999. The Ann who decided it was worth recording and sharing.

1000. A God who breathes in life-bringing breezes over my life if I’ll only open my eyes to see them.

Wow, I can’t believe that just happened.

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