Superman Was Onto Something

We are a generation born into this conversation:

“Mama, I want to be an astronaut.”
“Dream big, baby; you can be whatever you want.”

We are dreamers – of the biggest variety. Proof of that is in the numbers: national charities have increased by at least 50% since 2000. Generation Y is more aware of issues around the world thanks to social media, but also more likely to think that solving big problems is well within reach.

Don’t take me as a pessimist. I believe GenY CAN change the world and IS changing the world.  Because our mindset allows us to dream big, we don’t often let unreasonable hurdles or “you don’t have enough experience” hold us back from accomplishing what we want. I would venture to say that more 22-35 year-olds are small business owners than at any time in the past, but that’s the view from where I sit.

With our ingrained desire to fix and help I believe we get lost in the desire to GO. We don’t want to get stuck. Committing long term to a job is ill-advised, especially if you’ve been there for a couple of years and they haven’t given you some sort of noticeable recognition like a pony or your own Merry-Go-Round.

I know this mindset to be personally true, whether evident in my choice of college, three hours from my hometown, or in my recent world travels. I dread being “stuck” especially with most adults around me saying some variation of, “Don’t settle for a job you hate – you’ll never get out of it,” or “What do you mean you have student loans?! You better take any job you can get!” Because the job I’d love to have wouldn’t involve making enough money to cover the student loans I have. Heck, it would really mean going into more debt at this point. But I’d be doing what I “feel called” to do.

But still, I know several people who’ve dropped America like it’s hot to live life in other countries and God is providing in abundance for them. Some of them even have tons of loans. It’s amazing. I want to do that. Take me somewhere and let me help people, even if it’s the throws of Africa with only a hole in the ground to poop in – send me, I’ll go. (Insert photo of Lecrae in an African village here)

I’m trying to learn contentment, which means I’ve got to change my mind about wistfully longing for something better or somewhere else (not to mean that better things shouldn’t be #1 on my list of things to get, but I should also be alright with what I face everyday). This is where I’ve landed:

Superman was onto something.

His life probably looked something like this:
7am: Wake up
8am: Get to work #DailyPlanet
5pm: Dinner with Louis #datenight
7pm: Save the world

Double life? Maybe.
Gettin’ shit done? Absolutely.

Granted, he could fly and I can’t, BUT – don’t you think that’s an amazing idea? I mean, really – YOU CAN KEEP YOUR DAY JOB.
And you can still do something about all those things that daily pull on your heart and won’t leave you well enough alone until you get up.

What I do might change later, but right now, I’ll resign myself to being Clark Kent during the day and Superman at night…in girl form, of course.
And I won’t go around ripping my clothes off.