1000 Take Two

If you’re interested in my first 1000 (August 2013 – March 2014) see the Gratitude tab on the menu above.

1. Bubbly drinks and hilarious laughs with the Sunshine ladies on Wednesday nights – celebrating engagements and friendship and life.


2. Spur of the moment hair cuts with Mrs. Lindsey Lynch and talks about her sweet babies (all THREE of them).

3. Thursday bonding times with Booty because it’s the first day of spring and we both have curls and our Chacos need some wearing.

4. Shoe racks for organizing shoes that don’t require too much assembly, but fit so well in my tiny closet.

5. Putting away winter clothes and adding the new spring flings.

6. A new home for my stationery and stamps and letter-writing pens.

7. A laundry basket that looks cute while occupying half the space of my old one.

8. Pictures on the walls – home.

9. My love bucket being filled in the form of a gift bag & handwritten note on my desk at a way-too-early hour on a Friday when I’ve had no breakfast and the week’s just been like bouldering Clear Creek Canyon in Colorado.


10. This blog post that incorporates two words of identity that God gave me last year. One is now permanently on my body, but the other I could never figure out – the warrior one. I needed this reminder today – and what a bold one it was. (Many thanks to Christine for sharing!)

11. This spoken word from the IF:Gathering that brings chills every single time.

Success is getting what you want.
Happiness is wanting what you get.

-Ingrid Bergman