Stamping March with a “Return to Sender”

It’s been a full month. I barely remember day one of this 31-day windy trek through life. 

I remember that it snowed, that the wind blew and dresses just weren’t wise decisions. I remember the tears cried, the steps backward in this Walk of mine, and the excitement of the approaching weddings and summer months. I remember the giddy excitement in my kitchen after the second of us four got a Ring. I remember the warrior parts of this beloved heart and, in looking back, I see how that opened a door. 

God’s been speaking to my heart for some time about shame. It’s been a simple reminder, really, but one that I have all but forgotten. Shame isn’t something to be carried like a 55 pound pack on my back as I travel this world. It’s something to be put down at the feet of the cross, confessed to the Creator, and used as a turning point in sharing His love with others. How wild it is that we can be so caught up in the fear of losing love that we hunch our shoulders and hide from the truth like a brutal wind around us.

Well, babe, the sun is shining these days and the temperatures warm. The healing rains are coming and it’s time to stand up straight, square yourself into the wind, and face it with the force of the warrior within. It’s time to release clinched fists that are causing nothing more than nail-imprinted callouses on your palms and take in deep breaths of life, because that’s what this life is for. 

Without it, (these are just songs, these are just words) these are just wasted breaths and moments and missed opportunities and the love you’re so afraid of losing is already lost.

Tomorrow is a new day, it’s true, but there are still redeemable moments in this very day. Don’t waste them. Wear them like crowns.