1000 Take Two: April Showers

31. A four-day extravaganza in Arkansas full of flights, friends, new people, movies, coffee, Missouri, munchies, and more.

32. Jamming to Miley and TSwiz in a car that Lizzie was driving in America – it seems so simple, but that’s the first time we’ve ridden in a car together without at least six other people. How wild.


33. Fresh hydrangeas.


34. Saturday dinners at the Burnett house.

35. Painting with Suz.

36. Checking countless things off our to-do list on a night filled with laughter and good food, topped off with a great Braves win.

37. Three solid days with this girl, Morgan, who’s headed back to where we met – Swaziland – in a few short weeks. God is doing such big things in and through this precious lady. I am so blessed to have served with her for a little while. Time spent with her is always relaxing and fun, whether in Africa, Auburn, or Rome. 🙂

 photo (6)

38. Easter dresses.

39. Pup walks.

40. 11 months in close proximity with at least 6 other people at any given moment that rid me of any sort of potty stage fright I may have had in previous seasons of my life.

41. hb’s Monday morning emails, so full of good nuggets that she probably thinks only apply to her, but have spoken so much into this barn office.

42. Saturday road trips for birth-celebrating with my big & grand big. Geez, I love these ladies something fierce.

photo 4

43. Workday phone calls from Ashley Pugh.

44. Baseball.

45. Starbucks – because they’re open on Easter for me to do great things.

46.  Funny Vines – seriously…sometimes I just check it at work for a little mid-day laughter.

47. Precious little kids who draw pictures of their dream dogs on their school work. Subliminal messages at their finest.

48. Boxes & Boxes & more boxes for moving adventures.

49. Sunshine and dresses with oxfords and bare legs because springtime and summer sun.

50. My random decision to run Friday morning – it was awful, but felt good in the end.
Sometimes it takes ridiculous exercising to get all the stale air out and start fresh, which is what I’m doing.

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive. -Howard Thurman.

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