Word Study

I broke down and bought a new Bible a couple of weeks ago – online, because it was cheaper – and it graced my little mailbox before the month of April shut its doors on 2014. And what an April it had been, holding among its treasures a deep-felt confession on its first day, a trip to Arkansas within the week, a zoo trip for HeyHey’s birthday, three Rome Braves games, a weekend with my Swazi-best friend before she flies back to that red dirt and those shining little eyes, detours and lessons in Ninja Turtle knowledge, Relay for Life, a wedding, and a kickoff. 
April never disappoints.
I read little in April, but finally cracked the gilded pages of this brick-of-a-Bible in the early sun of May 4th – the sunrise on the Sabbath. I didn’t find much there that ate at my heart the way those words have in the past like Jeremiah digging through that wall, but a few verses hit me with their whisper. I’ll share them:

When I tried to understand all this, it seemed hopeless until I entered God’s sanctuary. – Psalm 73:16-17
But as for me, God’s presence is my good. – Psalm 73:28
We have redemption, the forgiveness of sins, in Him. – Colossians 1:14

I don’t know why these verses seemed emboldened on Sunday morning, but they warmed me like the sunrise on a cool morning – slowly, but definitely. 
As the week has progressed, several words in passing conversations around tables or office chairs have stuck the same way so I asked a few friends to help me define them. Here’s what I’ve got:


reliable. You know the outcome before it happens. 
steadfast. pattern.
being of the same substance (attitude, performance, actions) from day to day, regardless of circumstances or emotions
loyalty, steadiness, dependable, routine
familiar, safe


the grey period of life – change is happening and you see the hope of the immediate future. It’s messy & tiring, but good for you.
the process of change 
leaving one thing for another thing by force or by choice
unknown, change
faith, molding, malleable
growth, fear


something you have to live up to – social or spiritual
model of measurement
the expected
a measurable set of ideals a person is held accountable to
expectation, well-known, understood, basic


a group bound together by something
the people you call
support, trust, openness
joy, nearness


truth – whether desired or not
true to yourself  others
free of deceit and manipulation
being vulnerable in a way that’s edifying
beauty, love, transparency
trust, faith



I don’t have a bow. These are just the things I’m muddling through over here on this mountain.