#50booksin2014: Eleven through Fifteen

I spent the better part of my high school & college years reading novels for tests or essays, but rarely for pleasure. I missed out on so many good books and decided that my post-grad life would be full of reading books of my choosing. While on the Race last year I did a bit of that, but not enough. This year I’ve decided to read 50 books before ringing in the 2015 year with a bang. I’ll post my personal reviews after every five I’ve completed.


Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling


I am an avid fan of The Mindy Project after binge watching the first season in Honduras when Ceena left for the States (it’s been a wild ride, y’all). When I finally got my hands on this little nugget, I was so excited. I read it on my four flights to/from Arkansas in April to visit my friend Liz. What.a.book. I laughed aloud several times, disturbing my flightmates, but it was wonderful. Kaling is full of joy and whimsy, just as you’d expect. Her humor, but good taste for truth and reality in a brash world of plastics is refreshing.



Love Does by Bob Goff


I started reading this last fall, but restarted again in January with the Monday night crew. We dove in pretty quick, got a little bored of the repetitiveness of the middle chapters, but overall walked away with a greater since of walking out love and doing things that people don’t expect you to do, like going out of your way to love them. We also played Bigger & Better. When you get to that chapter, I highly recommend you take a break, grab a nickle, and go play. It’s ridiculous fun if nothing else and you’re all but guaranteed to end up with some cool stuff (like a huge rug).



Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis

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This is one of those books that has been on my list for a while and I’m glad I finally read it.  I laughed. I cried. I want to move to Africa and adopt babies and make birthday cakes for all the orphans who’ve never celebrated their birthday. More than that, I want to live outside of just me. KD put into words things that I’ve felt for so long, but haven’t been able to express. She talked about being a nomad and how she reconciled her heart with that in the face of an eternal home in heaven. It was beautiful to walk out her struggles and see her heart for God’s love to be lived out. It was a huge reminder that I’ve got more than a 9-5. I’ve got a life and my life is nothing if it’s not helping others see God.



Bossypants by Tina Fey


Y’all – I’m not sure I have ever laughed this hard at a book. Tina is real, raw, and hilarious. At one point I rewatched all the Sarah Palin SNL videos because she was talking about them. They’re just as good six years later. In all honesty, this book is full of disguised nuggets of goodness. I realized that I want to be known as someone who’s real.
“Do your thing and don’t care if they like it.”



Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham

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Let’s be real – a book written by Lorelai Gilmore. It can’t get better than this, can it? Honestly, I was surprised to find she’d written a book and even more surprised to find that it was actually really good. It’s definitely a light read (after some prodding from various directions, I’ve realized that I’ve neglected light reads this year), but still intriguing. While it is a love story of sorts, it isn’t mundane or quite as predictable as many mainstream “beach novels” you’ll read this year. I definitely recommend picking this one up. It’s well-written and amusing.


Any book suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated! I would love to know what you’re reading and what you recommend.

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  1. Grandma Harrell says:

    Proud of you. You’re doing what you set out to do. I’m not a reader and never have been. And I admire anyone who does read a lot.

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