Life & Times: June Edition

I can guarantee this will turn into a list.

May was a whirlwind and June has kept it up.
Little bro graduated from high school.
I made it to the Ted.
The Rome Braves won a few games.
Camp came (and stayed).
We painted the RV.
Suz and I recovered seat cushions with plywood and pretty fabric.
“She started it” became a regular part of my life.
I moved (again).
Mom came to visit.
I went home.
We prayed.
Drew left.
Amy & Suz & Malachi left.
The RV d.i.e.d.
The SUV stopped.
Drew started and stopped again.
I went to Jandy’s with Ashley & Ashley.
I’ve made it almost an entire week without driving to Armuchee (which is saying something).
I updated (minus a few things) my portfolio.
I started working out.
Rain has come like I’m in Nica again.
All my Costa Coffee is gone, which is bittersweet like coffee always seems to be.
I’m writing again.
And journaling.
And painting.
And reading reading.
I had a DIY pedi date with Rach & dinner with she & Buddy and laughed like it was my job.
There is joy.
I’ve successfully fried five eggs (for different meals).
I’m truly southern.
I’m learning to keep my mouth closed and speak my mind.
The thing I miss most is Costa smoothies from that one little place in Jaco with pineapple, coconut, and banana on the way to the pool or the pebble beach with Tash or Sarah or Benjamin. I miss the beach hair and the mangoes outside my tent in the morning and the always-salty-sandy-tan feeling of the beach life.
But I’m here on a mountain, enjoying morning views and afternoon mountain rains.
And it is good.