1000 Take Two: Count It All Joy

51. Morning showers.

52. Fresh brews in the morning.

53. Pretty dresses.

54. Returned contracts.

55. Phone calls from Liz.

56. Projects that involve helping.

57. Lunch tables where the chairs are too close together.

58. Standing in the sun, eyes closed, feeling it.

59. Quiet moments.

60. Fixed dehumidifiers and a desk that no longer sticks to me.

61. The guys who fix it.

62. Little girl faces and laughter downstairs.

63. Afternoon walks.

64. Movies & wine.

65. Phone calls from Maine, no matter how “you’re not going to believe this.”

66. A heart that feels deeply.

67. A spiritual gift that sometimes feels more like a curse.

68. Thinking spiritual gifts are super powers.

69. Hugs.

70. Precious work friends.

71. Tears.

72. Flexibility to leave early.

73. All windows down.

74. Sinkholes that make you drive just a little slower.

75. Things that fall apart.

76. “Consider my servant, Job” confidence.

77. Post office smells: paper, cardboard, stamps, and tapes.

78. Strangers who wave.

79. Avocado chicken salad.

80. People who have big yards and tall grass for cutting.

81. A lawn that takes at least 1.5 hours to think hard and not think at all and just give it up.

82. Freshly cut grass.

83. Accomplishment.

84. Dinner made.

85. A familiar home.

86. Safety net, because that’s what we feel like – we’ll catch you.

87. Hot showers.

88. Suz’s voice after days and Malachi in the background.

89. The pacing that comes with the feeling and the thinking and the wanting to fix.

90. A favorited tweet at such a moment that it must be a divine reminder.

91. Catch up phone calls.

92. Erin’s always-cheerful voice of joy.

93. Dirt.

94. Bugs for days snatched up by a lawn mower.

95. RIDING lawnmowers that make life so much easier.

96. Deciding mid-mow that this must be where NASCAR came from. #turnleft #circlesintheyard

97. Pink Africa shirts.

98. Soft sheets only once used.

99. Deep breaths.

100. Adventures that require perseverance.

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