1000 Take Two: Monday Takes the Cake

101. Hearing the joy in someone’s voice.

102. Heart-sharing on a Sunday morning.

103. A day of reflection, both good and bad, and the peace that’s come in 11 whole months.

104. Falling asleep with Harry Potter (literally..in my bed. I woke up and the book was right beside me).

105. Sock-throwing.

106. Music with heart strings.

107. Nalgenes & Berry water.

108. Children that pray.

109. 2 Chainz in the workplace. I can confidently say that this place is rarely, if ever, “boring.”

110. Cake for breakfast.

111. Found contracts.

112. Phone conversations beginning with, “I lied.”

113. Little talks on community all over the globe like it’s our heartbeat.

114. Emojis.

115. Elephants.

116. A car with a working air conditioner.

117. Tracker jackers.

118. Secret agents.

119. Markers in my face while I’m driving.

120. Races where I win.

121. Roman views. They never get old.

122. Salsa with a kick.

123. The best of friends.

124. Malachi saying that one of his favorite parts about coming home is learning that Suz and I are nice. (what took him so long, I have NO idea. We’re obviously the coolest.)

125. Microscope science projects and iPad apps with Ninjas.

126. Peppermint oil in a bath that crushes headaches.

127. A Very Potter Musical

128. My very own bed to sleep in.

129. Clean Chacos thanks to brudder this weekend.

130. Sleep.